What is Room in a Roof insulation?

Prevent heat loss with Room in Roof Insulation.

When it comes to insulation, most people think of the attic. However, there is another important area that needs to be insulated – the room in a roof. This space can be used for storage, a home office, or an extra bedroom.

If you would like to use your loft as a living space, then we recommend that all the walls and ceilings are insulated! Retrofit room insulations can be installed by over boarding existing substrate with 62.5mm thick plasterboard.

Some of the benefits of Room in Roof Insulation include:

Get a break on your taxes when you make an investment in energy efficiency.

Homeowners who are looking to save money on their energy bills should consider upgrading the efficiency of your home with room in roof insulation, loft insulation or internal walls insulation.

Not only because prices will soon sky-rocket, but you can also benefit from 0% VAT thanks to an announcement made by the government. This cut is available until 2027 so get ready for some serious savings when installing insulation or renewable measures.

The Numbers

Here’s how much a typical installation could cost you, how much you could save on your energy bill (£/year) as well as how many kilograms of CO2 emissions you could save each year by insulating an uninsulated loft with 270mm of loft insulation:

Room in Roof Grant Eligibility

To be eligible you must:

To be eligible you must:

  • Own/rent your home
  • Be in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

Our 3 Step Hassle Free Process:

  1. If you think you qualify for 100% cost covered ECO4 or Great British Insulation grants, simply fill in our form and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.
  2. Once we have confirmed your eligibility we will arrange for an approved energy surveyor to assess your property free of charge.
  3. We will then submit your grant qualification on your behalf and arrange for work to begin on your property within 14 days. That’s it – you get a warmer home and lower bills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Fully Funded ECO4 Insulation Grants!

If you have what you think classifies as a Room In Roof and you’re in receipt of a qualifying benefit then we’re almost sure you’re eligible to make the most of this 100% fully funded ECO4 measure!

There are also grants through the Great British Insulation Scheme.

To put it simply, a ‘Room in roof’ is a room within your roof space that is accessed via a fixed staircase. It will usually have sloping ceilings visible in the room, however if there are full width dormer windows present, there may not be any sloping ceilings visible. A room in roof could be a converted roof space such as a loft conversion or an original part of the design such as the upper floor in a dormer bungalow. If you are unsure please feel free to give a member of our team a call or email via our contact page.

The ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme was launched by the UK government in 2013 and is one of the flagship initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases, lower carbon emissions, and increase the energy efficiency of all domestic and non-domestic properties throughout the UK. All this is 100% cost covered by the ECO scheme itself, meaning it costs you, the customer, nothing!

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