Power your home for longer with solar batteries.

Instead of sending excess energy back to the grid, keep it under your roof

Solar PV panels can create lots of energy, sometimes too much for a property to use at once.

And unfortunately, without a solar battery installed, any excess energy created by solar PV panels is sent back to the National Grid, rather than kept under your roof.

This means that while you may have had enough to survive the night comfortably, you’ll now be relying on your energy supplier to power your home.

However, with a solar battery, your home can use up any surplus energy sitting in the battery to power your home throughout the evening and night-time.

Some of the benefits of installing Solar Batteries include:

  • Save money on your electricity bills

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Store the energy you produce

  • Use renewable electricity in the evening and night-time

  • Protect your home from power outages

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As the cost of energy continues to increase, take control over your bills and switch to renewable energy.

That’s why So Eco are proud to offer energy efficient methods of generating and storing green energy, such as solar panels, solar batteries and air source heat pumps.

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How much can I save from installing solar panels?

Many factors could affect the exact figure you would be saving on your energy bills. These range from the position of the newly installed solar panels, the time of day, how much electricity you use and the capacity of the solar panel system.

However, using estimations made by the Energy Saving Trust, a typical household with a 4.2 kilowatt-peak system can reduce their annual bills between £210 and £514/year.

To get an estimation to suit your location, you can use this helpful calculator designed by Energy Saving Trust, you can get an idea of how much money you could save.

Solar Batteries Grant Eligibility

To be eligible you must:

To be eligible you must own or rent your home and be in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

Our 3 Step Hassle Free Process:

  1. If you think you qualify for 100% cost covered ECO4 grants, simply fill in our form and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your requirements.
  2. Once we have confirmed your eligibility we will arrange for an approved energy surveyor to assess your property free of charge.
  3. We will then submit your grant qualification on your behalf and arrange for work to begin on your property within 14 days. That’s it – you get a warmer home and lower bills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar batteries work by storing direct current (DC) electricity, which is generated by solar panels. This energy can be used at any time rather than being sent back to the grid.

Yes, solar batteries are safe to use in your home. Solar batteries that are properly installed and maintained pose no safety risk to you or your family.

Yes, there are a number of government incentives and schemes available to help with the cost of installing solar PV, like the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) scheme. Houses on low income are eligible to apply for ECO4 funding which can help insulate and improve the energy efficiency of their home. Learn more about grants & funding here.

Yes, solar batteries can be retrofitted to most existing PV systems. However, some systems may not be compatible with solar batteries.

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