Updated 11th April 2024

Who Qualifies For A Boiler Grant in 2024?

As the cost of living crisis wages on, thousands of homes across the UK are looking for ways to lower their energy bills and increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the cheapest or most straightforward task. One way to lower your home’s energy bills is by installing a new boiler, but the cost of doing so can be prohibitive for many families.

Luckily, the UK offers a range of government support, schemes and grants to help you upgrade your home’s energy efficiency without breaking the bank.

But what are they? And who qualifies for a boiler grant in 2024?

Keep reading to find out more.

ECO Boiler Scheme

The first boiler grant on our list is part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme.

Aimed at helping low-income homes improve their home’s energy efficiency, the ECO Scheme could see UK homes get their old, inefficient boiler replaced with a newer, energy-saving model.

Some households could upgrade their boiler for free, while others will pay as little as £240 for the boiler installation, depending on the complications of the installation and the individual’s financial and residential situation.

The ECO4 scheme provides free or discounted upgrades for homes and will run until March 2026.

To qualify for an ECO Boiler Scheme, you must:

  • Have a boiler older than 8 years.
  • Be receiving government benefits, such as income-based jobseekers allowance or Universal credit*.
  • Live in a property with an EPC rating of D or lower.
  • Be a property owner applying for the grant – tenants can inquire to their landlord if they wish to pursue this upgrade.

* = Individuals applying through the ECO+ Scheme do not have to be receiving government benefits.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Next up on our list is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. This £450m Government Scheme is aimed at helping homes across the UK upgrade their boilers to a low-carbon heating system, like an air source heat pump or a biomass boiler.

Homes could see savings of £1,500 a year on their energy bills by upgrading to a heat pump, all while saving up to £6,000 on its installation.

Being an MSC-certified installer, So Eco can advise whether your property is eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and can provide a quote to upgrade your property. The scheme will run until 2025.

To apply for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you must:

  • Own a property in England or Wales – this can be a home or a small business.
  • Have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with no withstanding recommendations for the installation of insulation.
  • Have an insulation capacity of 45kWth on your property.

Affordable Warmth Obligation and the NEST Scheme

Part of the ECO scheme, the Affordable Warmth Obligation requires energy suppliers to install replacement boilers free of charge, in addition to other energy-saving improvements, for households that fit the criteria.

In Wales, this scheme is called NEST and is managed by British Gas.

Much like with the ECO Scheme, these grants are non-repayable so you won’t need to pay any money back for the boiler’s installation.

This scheme will often see homes install another energy-saving measure, such as insulation, on top of the boiler replacement.

The Affordable Warmth Obligation Scheme will run until 2026.

To be eligible for the Affordable Warmth Obligation Scheme, you must:

  • Live in a property with an EPC rating of E or lower.
  • Be receiving government benefits, such as Child Benefits, Universal Credit or Disability Living Allowance.
  • Have the landlord’s permission if renting.

Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme

The Scottish Government’s Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme is aimed at helping low-income and vulnerable households improve their home’s energy efficiency.

Being part of the wider Home Energy Efficiency Programmes (HEEPS), the Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme offers homes free central heating, loft and wall insulation, draught-proofing and renewable systems, like a heat pump.

In most cases, all costs will be met by the Scottish Government. However, depending on the type of improvements you’re looking for, a contribution may be required from you

To qualify for the Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme, you must:

  • Be a homeowner or private tenant living in Scotland. It must be your main residence.
  • Have lived in the property for at least 12 months.
  • Live in a property with a poor energy rating.
  • Not received support for energy efficiency improvements through the Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme in the past five years.

Boiler Upgrade Schemes in 2024

As we step into 2024, the eligibility criteria for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, an integral part of the eco 4 scheme, have been reaffirmed to ensure ongoing support for low-income households striving for energy efficiency. This commitment highlights the government’s dedication to not only alleviate fuel poverty but also to reduce carbon emissions through the adoption of low-carbon heating systems. With the scheme in place until 2025, now is a crucial time for eligible homeowners to consider the benefits of upgrading to a more efficient and environmentally friendly boiler.

For the current year, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme remains an excellent opportunity for landlords to enhance the energy efficiency of their rental properties. The scheme, accessible to landlords with properties holding an EPC rating of D or lower in England or Wales, provides a path to install a higher efficiency boiler model at no upfront cost. Ensuring your property has a valid EPC and adheres to the required insulation standards opens the door to not only a more sustainable letting offering but also to long-term savings on energy costs.

Apply For a Grant Today

Now you know of the many boiler grants and schemes on offer in the UK, it’s time to apply for the one that suits you best.

By contacting So Eco, you could improve the energy efficiency of your home and save big money on your energy bills!

Being specialists in the ECO Scheme and Boiler Upgrade Scheme upgrades, we will guide you through the application process and find out whether you’re eligible for a boiler grant.

So don’t wait – apply now and start saving on your energy bills!

If you have any questions about who qualifies for a boiler grant, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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